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Way Out
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him :)
Monday, 3 November 201419:48:00


akmal affendi amran.
my triple A. my precious cargo. my abam sado. teehee~

countless of words to describe him. but he's just PERFECT for me.
thousands of miles separate us but still he is in my heart. 
couple of months didn't see him. but it felt just yesterday just met him.

i am missing him too much these months. long-distance relationship really test us.
how i wish i can meet him right now.
rinduuuu ;'(

i really thankful for having him besides me as i know that he's veryyy loyal person.
so i've met my soulmate. teehee~
who really take so much effort to understand his girl
who really took care after his girl
who really loyal to his girl
who really makes me a happy girl
who treat his girl as queen
who advice his girl firmly if she makes something wrong *takot jgak mse ni* ;/
who makes his family is his priority *awwww!
who is mine!

forever and always sweetheart :)