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Way Out
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hello 2014!
Tuesday, 31 December 201321:03:00

assalamualaikum :)

dah setengah tahun i am not writing a thing!

omg! omg! omg! :0 berhabuk kemainnnnn~ hehe.

so ladies and gentlemen, 2013 have past very fast! the time is really dragging until me myself didn't realise that this year have come to the end! so annyeongsayo 2013~ goodbye 2013~
this year have make me a matured person *i think*

i hope this becoming year will become my year full of luck. aminn~ semoga pintu rezeki dibuka tahun ni,
why i said that? hmm this year is disappointed though. my last 6 months was really regretful.. laghaaa~ and the 1st semester result was verryyyyy dissapointing! urghhhhhh. it almost makes me wanna give up.
but hey! this is fatin nabihah okay? it just the beginning. insyaAllah He will makes things easier for me this upcoming year. lets pray for that :) i motivate myself a lot and gain new confidence as my family, my friends and my akmal affendi are there to give their support :) thanks guys *muah muah*

this year! will be my lucky year! i am really determined! insyaAllah everything will be alright :)

guys, i hope this will be your lucky year too. may it be magical and full of surprises. aminnn :)

my wishlist and my achieved list will be published soon *maybe a few minutes after this post*
dear 2014, please be nice to me!