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Minggu Haluan Siswa
Monday, 3 June 201310:59:00

\assalamualaikum :)

so many things happen in these 2 weeks or in may. i have been quite busy managing those things.so tak berupdate laahh kann? sorryyyy >.<

so this post is clearly about my orientasi week in pasum. tahu tak pasum tu apa? okay. let me tell ya. PASUM stands for Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya. its been a week i am here starting from 25 may.
awal glaa masok dohh. seriously xsedia. hehe. others xsabar nak blaja. but imma different -.-' we only got one week to prepare every document they need for the pendaftaran. tak kelam kabut ke jadinyaa?? thats why laa imma veryy busy woman in these two weeks.

okay. move on to next agenda. my MHS (mggu haluan siswa). start from 25 may till 31 may. one week tuuu~ we have FP which stands for fasi pelajar. actually they only one year older than us which means batch pasum before ni. they are doing their job well. biasalaaa tu kalau kena marah ke apa kann? ade 1000++ kot. i thinks its tough to handle us sebab dyorg just ada 60+ org je. but imma KESPERIAN. well it stands for Kesenian dan Kebudayaan. so we have to prepare our perfomance for malam penutup nanti. so what i want to say is i am not really into those activities. banyak berlatih laa. in kesper, i am in a traditional dance group. well meneruskan bakat tuhh. haha. i am really into dancing~ love love love it!

budak koir

budak dikir
puisidra *puisi+drama

skip to malam penutup~
that night is so ohsemm. sepanjang MHS ni we learn some cheers and dance such gummy bear and shi hua hua. well i am quite semnagat laa dlm bab2 ni. so, excited feeling when FP psg lagu ni and menari rmai2. haha. u guys might want to search in youtube for the video. seriously hilarious and ohsemm. my perfomance?? ohh that went quite in plan laa. majlis kat DTC kott! hehe. *dewan tunku canselor. eventhough ade salah step sikit. kira halal lahh. hee. well i love being a dancer~

budak tarian

me. pic xbrape lawa. tp org stil lawa :p

proper cket. hehe.

my FP in kesper~ left: FP FYRA CHAN, right: FP MEGAN *mama kesper.
okay. done! so now today is my first lecture day. do pray for my success ea? wish me luck :)

till the next post! salam :)