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Way Out
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Wednesday, 1 May 201323:48:00

assalamualaikum :)

lama da blog ni tak berupdate. i am truly sorry guys. my last post on 3 april 2013. its almost a month since my last update.

sincerely. the same reason that i have used before. i want to write something. but something always came up. at by the end of the day. satu bnde pun tak update.


first of all say hello to marvelous may!

eversince i work in ogawa ni, my blog ni mmg tak slalu ter update lahh. bleh dirujuk pada tarikh post sebelum ini. terima kasih.

flashback marathon~

 i have resign my job in ogawa started on 1 may 2013. working with such professional team makes me feel so lucky. they are easy going people to go with. mmg sedih jugak sbb they are people yg singgah skejap in my life journey. well. have to say goodbye in the end.in ogawa, i have been trained to be such loyal employee and be well-organised wellness advisor. *okay.msok bakul angkat sendiri* but sincerely i thanked them so much and i have improve my soft skills with confidence too! thanks to staff in giant kota padawan :)

hadoiii~ takde rezeki bulan ni. my sale is not mcm mac. very impressive. but april is so disappointed. okay. i dont want to talk about it. 

so as i am a positive person *again.msok bakul angkat sndiri* my rezeki here. alhamdulillah. i got MARA and UM interview. talking about mara, hadoii mara mempermainkan perasaan saya. only IQ test! but naseb baek dapat soalan bocor. lucky me! 
UM interview? okay. sama gak. they do ask me to bring all documents along. but in the end, tak check pun semua tu. i got sains hayat. and oh! mara i got tindikan matematik. continue with um, i have a group consist of 5. 3 girls 2 boys. they actually have a flying color result. eden tak laa flying color sgt.tapi ade jugak la color sikit. the panel only want to see our communicating skills. and thanks again to ogawa. i have trained myself enough to communicate and understand people. so it helps a lot! the interview goes well as i am very talkative person --'  alhamdulillah. thanks to my loyal supporters > my family, my akmal affendi, my friends :)

okay. tak pernah mention lagi kutt. my girlfriends will have a holiday here! in kuching! they will be coming for a week. from 6 may until 13 may. i will update about them later on ok?

okay. bnde ni baru mlm tadi terjadi. i bought my own laptop with my own salary! wahh. *actually sikit abah bayo --" its actually a friend of kerry lai kena guna duit. so, he want to sold his lappy. before this hrge rm 800 kott. if tak salah laa, but no one nak beli. until the price reach rm 500, i am the one yg nak beli. well i have checking the computer tu dulu laa. what i really love about this lappy is it is RED. its angle until 170 degree! gilee btol. other feature is xmudah calar and ...*xreti nak explain* okay. the name is acer aspire 4253. kluar 2011. the actual price is RM 1300++ kut. xpelaa 2ndhand pun kann? tak mampu nak beli yg baru. huhu. besides its appearance satisfied me! nmpk terjaga. safe budget gak! good!

okay tu je dulu kot. da start writing on 8.30 pm actually. lamaaa kann? haha. mmg buat bnda tu bnda ni. mcm2 laa. ish3. 

my post smpai sini sajaa. thanks for reading!