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Wednesday, 3 April 201309:00:00

assalamualaikum and pleasant day everyone :)

lama betol menghilang isn't? so this morning before im going to my workplace, i would like to say a few words. *wahhh ayatt! actually everytime i got my off day, i will say to myself that "TODAY I AM GOING TO POST SOMETHING TO MY BLOG". but guys, in the end of the day, hampehh je semua tu. i do nothing je pun. watch movies  and online. but no writing.

today azam kuat cket kott. sebab lama gilaaa tak post. my last post will be on 15 mac 2013. lamaa giloo!

many things have happened.

1. PENINSULAR LAST MINUTE TRIP, 18-22 march 2013

last minute check tiket and gosh. murahh sgttt! itupun sebab cik akasha izreen yg bgtao. thanks babe!
guess what. my flight pegi balek just rm 150++ and tcket from kl to alor star is rm45! haha. lagi murah dari tcket bas. okay laa. i just grab them and tak sabar nak pegi smnjg after 3 months tak pegi sana.
my days in peninsular?
okay. i only got 4 days 3 night there. but last minute gak change plan to 5 days 4 nights. changing the plan memang mencabar kewibawaan laa. i expect result would be on 20 mac but its 0n 21st mac! hancur semua plan. i really admit that i am very frustated with those plan yg tak menjadi. tak dapat jmpe encik akmal affendi sayaa! :'( frust frust frust! takde rezeki kott. redha je laa. but i can meet my friends laa. duduk rumah cik afrah abdull halim. thanks ye makcik! perabih boraih dia. haha. ramai gak parasit yg tingggal rumah dia. if i am not mistaken, 5 girls all together. apalagi, havoc ahh. bisingg jaa. sebelom tido, sembang. bangun tido je, sembang. ish3. kepoh betol!

2. SPM, 21 mac 2013

i got 5A+ 1A 1A- 2B+ . eventhough i didnt got straight a's as expected. alhamdulillah for the result. eventhough frustated a little bit. but syukur :) He has a better plan for me. so from now on i need to focus more and play more. hehe. boleh plak mcm tu. pape pun, congratulations for those have achieved the result. u guys have done your best. dont ever give up. because the slip didnt determine your future. its your efforts will determine it.
u should watch this and might get the point :)

pasca spm

okay guys. will update this post later. need to go by now. babaii!