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Way Out
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hari cuti. #moviesmania
Tuesday, 5 March 201314:10:00

assalamualaikum. so today's my off day. sgt relax and releasing my tension. brape hari dah takde sale wehhh~ ya Allah. murahkanlah rezekiku. aminnn~

so guys last week in thursday is another off day. so all my activities is movie watching.
guys, i would like and highly recommended these movies to u guys. as for me its have been a very good time to watch these movies.

1. MY GIRL AND I (korean)

cter ni is a korean. actly i never watch a korean movies before. i just watched their dramas. so when i watch this *as my youtube account recommended this to me. i just realised that their movies is just great as their dramas. masa conflict tu, berjurai jurai air mato eden. hoho! tak pernah aku watch movie smpai nanges mcm ni. aku tgk ombak rindu pun tak nanges! tapi cter ni mmg betol thumbs up laa. u guys should watch. eventhough hero dia tak berapa nak hensem. *ignore that* but i quite recognise the heroin. she's in full house drama. best gak cter tu. try usha.
seriously this mvie sgt2 menarik and a should-watch movie laa. korang leh tgk kat utube. ade full movie kat sana. boleh tgk cter ni kat SINI!


okay. this movie i have downloaded into my pc because its very very awesome! sgt2 best. 5 stars!. u guys mmg kena watch this movie. a crazy little thing called love is a movie which a monster girl turned into a beautiful chick to amazed a boy. hero dia bleh tahan laa. heroin cun! hee~ tapi awal2 tu pelik glaa. its touched my heart so well until my tears is really strolling ble watch cter ni. my sister yg intro cter ni kat saya. well i am very satisfieda and i recommend to you to watch this.
korang bleh tgk kat link ni > A CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE

okay. smpai sini dulu. will update later. bye! :)