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saya sudah kerja
Tuesday, 5 February 201322:14:00

salam guys~
lama sangat tak update blog ni. i have stated in my last post. i am very busy lately and later on too. so there's no much time laa.
today is my off dayy!! sgt seronokkk :D ni first time off day laa. actually i am working with ogawa company as merchandiser :) quite okay laa. eventhough customers play hard to get. apa2 pun uollsss tolong doakan rezeki saya agar mencurah2 ea? hehe.
i am thinking of this full-time job i am working on is a very serious work to do. hadoii~ i have to attend a meeting which involve outlets around sarawak and i have to talk in front of them on how i serve my customers! dahsyat kann? haiyaa~ i am very nervous kot. the meeting will be held once in a month and a staff will be choosen to attend it. my manager dah bgtau awal2 that this february will be my turn! mak aiii~ gilooo --' aku rasa macam keja ni aku buat for my lifetime not saja2 kerja untuk isi masa spm. hampehh~
but guys, theres a silver lining. why is that? my soft skill will be trained. okay la tuhh. i will serve many people which is diffrent in their identity. belajar macam mana nak handle customer and macam2 lahh. dah seminggu i am working. sabar sgt~ baru tahu macam mana parents susah nak cari duit. i will appreciate them and my money more. insyaAllah boleh bertahan sampai bulan 5 or 6 mcm tu. u guys doakan eh?

well i am missing Akmal Affendi so much! hadoii~ hjg mggu ni dia balek rumah sebab sambut chinese new year~ bole text! boleh text! sgt sukaa. (y) rindu sgt dgn apek tu. hee~ *jgn marah ea pakcik? hik3.

thats all for this post. for my new followers. thanks follow saya. i am done following u guys :)

terima kasih sebab membaca artikel ini :) asssalamualaikum~