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Way Out
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hari cuti. #describing my workplace.
Friday, 22 February 201302:54:00

assalamualaikum :)
seems a very long time since i didnt touch my keyboard. *mksdnya lama tak post entry letteww~ actually minggu lepas ada off day tapi spanjang hari tu dibazirkan. sory laa. lama gilaa tak update. since today is my another off day, i got time to do entry lahh,

so, you guys might ask. hows your job life?
well, i have informed that i have been working in ogawa for almost a month or less. alhamdulillah. my life have been really great *except for not txtg my boyfie --' my sale in ogawa rite now is RM 11K something. alhamdulliah sgt! bersyukur laa as a new staff, what i have achieved now is beyond their expectations on me. well i felt great to do that. tapi what i have achieved right now is berkat doa2 from important peoples in my life and my working partner banyak bagi tunjuk ajar. actually i've targetted to do 15K on my first month of working. *after saya suda congak laa. insyaAllah i will get another 4K before this fabulous february end. so guys, doa doakam saya k? aminnn~

penat tak kerja tu?
actually nak kata penat tu, ada laa jugak. penat bercakap. tapi customer buat dunno je. *sakit hati --' plus lagi satu, berdiri laa. lama jugak. but its not that strict. if penat sgt tu, duduk je laa. what really matter is, buat sale banyak2. this month, my outlet target for rm 117K. well it is posibble to do it as long as you have the hard work and a good mood to serve the customer. the fun part is, my manager is a bit gilaa. mmg sgt2 tak brapa betol org dia. haha. *joke joke.

berapa orang semua dalam outlet tu?
okay. you guys might be shock if tahu the average age in my outlet. semua awal 20 an tao!
1. Manager : Andy Lau *nama penyanyi gituuu~ umo : 21 y/o
2. Second manager : Kerry Lai.  21 y/o
3. Merchandiser : David Chia. 28 y/o *hubby Sheylina
4. Merchandiser : Sheylina 22 y/o
5. Merchandiser yg gorgeous : Fatin Nabihah 18 y/o

see what i mean? my manager baru umur 21! ish3. but he achieved a lot because of his hardwork. sp dp the rest laa. sgt salute merekaa! dyorg pandai buat sale! this picture bukti~

so guys, thats sedikit sebanyak laa about my very first workplace. thx for reading! 
ngantok daa ni~ salam :)