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wishlist of 2013
Sunday, 6 January 201315:46:00

Assalamualaikum J

Today’s post is actually for my wishlist in 2013. Seriously nak achieve all these things. insyaAllah J I hope it’s not to late to do this wishlist!
Korang, doakan ea?

#1 : absolutely for my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. I want those 9A’s. insyaAllah A+!
#2 : after I got my SPM results, I want to further my studies in overseas. Any place would be fine!
#3 : if tak dpt luar negara, insyaAllah I’ll study at UPM J or UM J
#4 : apply scholarship as much as I can. *doakan saya supaya murah rezeki ea?
#5 : I want to be a skilled chef like my father *prepare for hubby-to-be.hee.
#6 : be a better person in 2013
#7 : again, jimat.jimat.jimat!
#8 : be a more beriman muslimah and only serve for Him
#9 : a serious relationship with my boo. *I hope we have jodoh.aminnn~
#10 : be nice with other people!
After few minutes.
#11 : I baru teringat yg nii >> I want a galaxy note or any smartphone! *kcian aq xde L ! with my own salaryyy!

#12 : as for that, kena cari kerja yg mahall! Minimum rm 600/month. But I wish for rm 800 per month *ada kaaa?
#13 : nak pegi semenanjungg! * I want to meet my friends n boyfiee :’(
#14 : driving licensee! cepat laa siappp. nak drive so bad nii! >.<

I think tu dulu kott. Nanti if ada yang laen, I’ll update later k?

Doakan kejayaan saya as I’m praying for you guys too!  ~xoxo~
one thing to confess : i miss my boyfieee!!!!
Assalamualaikum *thx for reading this entry! J