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Way Out
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movie : new year's eve
Wednesday, 9 January 201315:17:00

assalamualaikum :)

guys, im watching htis movie last nite. agak nya tak lah lambat sgt kann? its been a year that this movie has been released. but we still dalam semangat tahun baru kann? actually baru teringat nak watch as last year tak smpat tgk sbb nak balek skola awal. im watching it because ada ZAC EFRONN! hee~ but tak brape nak syok sbb zac is in love with someone who twice his age. hadoiiiii. not so good for me. but this movie boleh diberi 4 stars laa. sebab it proves that there are lucky and unlucky people in only one night. i mean banyak benda boleh jadi dalam satu malam. it's amazing laa. macam2 benda. ada yang nak give birth. ade yang dying. there's someone who waits for true love.
well, this story teach me a lot. kita belajar how to appreciate people more like our family. always remember that family always come first in any condition. i also learnt that we should believe and give others a second chance. and money is not everything!
guys~ you should watch this and depends on you whether nak rate this movie okay or not.

kurang suka part ini !!

tu jaa kott! thanks for reading this entry. assalamualaikum :)

*miss my boyfiee! :(