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Friday, 4 January 201315:46:00

assalamualaikum :)

its' not to late nak ckap happy new year kann? my jari malas nak menaip. sorry! so happy new year guys :)

last year is awesome as it is fun, memorable, senior and incredible year. 
so, you guys must have been reading my wishlist in 2012 kann? now nak buat checklist in what i have achieve in 2012. actually it's preety impressive and im proud of myself. so, dont judge dear :)

  • SPM 2012 : well, i have done my best for my spm. lets tawakal and let Allah do His job. insyaAllah im praying for my batchmates of 1995 for us to get an excellent results towards this spm. Straight A's!
  • my trials : i got 5A 3B IC. not so good. but alhamdulillah :)
  • history. hmm still not like it but boleh laa as i byk gak revise before spm. *i still adore addmath and i like it much more now!
  • this is i love the most! >> JUARA become CHAMPION in 2012. alhamdulillah. berkat usaha semua atlet, teachers, juara's members and house captain, Muhammad Irshad Azim *nama penuh weh! and co house captain, Fatin Nabihah Halmah! we got 28 gold, 15 silver and 20 bronze. its quite an achievement laa (y) 
  • i did manage the school better tapi i fokus on juara more kot.
  • well im not the best laa. nafis khalid (KP smsah) he is :)
  • this is very not awesome. tak dapat nak travel after spm! kna balik sarawak awaiiii. hampeh. hancur plan sayaa :(
  • a driving license? yess. im working towars it right now. i got my L license now. tak lama lagi dapat lesen P and yeahhh driving mannnnn! excited.excited!
  • spend less? hmmmm. boleh la kot. simpan duet cket. but bulan julai i spend a lot of money! takbohong arr. sory mom dad! 
  • yet i'm not with zac anymore. but i got a better boy in 2012! meet my boyfriend > Akmal Affendi! he's wayy better than before him! :) ily!
  • masak eh? now belajar jugak lahhh. by the end of this year and this incoming 3 months while waiting for my results, i'll learn to cook dgn chef Halmah! *trust me. my dad is totally master of cookinggg! LOL :D
  • actually ada silver lining withh travel after spm tu, i travel more in july *thats explain why i spend money a lot. early july : i have stage perfomance in picc for finale wind orchestra. then, 1 week after, i went to thailand plak. then next week tu pegi singapore. well it's quite a fun trip. i'm very busy in  that month. then august : trial *thats explain my trials results. hee. thats why tak kesah sgt *ye ke? tak travel after spm :)
of all those things in my wishlist of 2012, i can conclude that i am satisfied enough with those achievement :)

thats all for this entry. thanks for reading :)

salam korang~