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pmr result!
Wednesday, 19 December 201213:50:00


today's the penilaian menengah rendah result has been announced. starting of my day i've felt takott and nervous like i am the one who will amek result. i felt very takot. my sister pun pelik gak. she's waking up early this morning. early than me! it's kinda pelik jgak. well. she's nervous for her result which will be announced at 10 am. i'm in the same boat as her.
i wonder how im gonna be in the next 3 months. kecut perut maa. so, we're waiting till 10 am. there's really a busy connection to reach ssp's office line. gne online pun xdpt. fon apetah lagi. last2 sms je laa. then, we've got the answer. the result is known. CONGRATULATIONS EA. she got
congrates ea dear sis. it's not the end of the world laa. be okay ea. u've done your best and im proud of it. so, today nak celbrate. hee. taktao nak celebrate kat mana nie. 

okay. there's few photos that i kidnapped from weheartit. hee.

tu jee for today's entry. thx for reading. assalamualaikum :)