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Way Out
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oh da berhabuk!
Wednesday, 5 December 201209:39:00

assalamualaikum guys!

da berhabuk rpe nya blog aq nie. haha. im so sory sbb lme tak update because im too busy with my academic stuff.so guys, forgiveee me pleaseee?
so, ary ni ade azam baru. InsyaAllah will updating my blog ni two times a day *ikot mood.
before that : SELAMAT PAGI DUNIAA!!

okayy. im done with my sijil pelajaran malaysia. really lega sebab da habes. but something yang kte seronok tu actually something yang cedeh. *do u got what i mean here? uhh. okayy. mcm nie, this spm is really challenging one, once we've done this, we'll be very excited without knowing that on the other day we'll no longer be together. yeah we should realise that. tell u what. last paper 3 bio aritu, after i've done checking and dont have else to do, tetibe lak rse cdeh. i dont know why. but tears keeps strolling down my cheeks. kawan sblah usha wehhh!! *maluu >.<  but that rase yang mengusik jiwa lame gak ar. abes basah meja exam tu. *mentang2 laa x exam dah. ish3. sedih wehh! serious!

next, my plan has hancur! if u have read my wishlist, i'll state that i want to travel more after spm kann? now, all those plan end up in a dustbin. uhh! my plan: i'll stay in kedah for 2 or 3 days, then perak or penang in other 2 or 3 days, n sepang for 2 or 3 nights. tapi i cant! yayasan sarawak need me to be back to kuching on 30/11!! last minute inform lak tu. hadehhh --' there goes all my plans. sorry boyfriends and girlfriends ! i cant meet u. this would be our last time. sob3 :'(

so, i have watch twilight breaking dawn part 2! ohmaygosh it's sooo awesomeee!!

i'm watching it again with the same boy i went for the same movie last time. it's my cousin. he's in kl that time. so, we went to watch it again. seronok sebab he treat me on tickets and dinner. *actly dinner tu ayah dy yang belanja. thx pakcik rosli!! hee~ this movie is really really awesomeeee! btol! this is the last. after this no more twilight. sedeyyy :( 

okayy. nak out dgn my mama! shopping! 

thanks for reading this entry. assalamualaikum  :)