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kuching strolling!
Thursday, 13 December 201212:36:00

assalamualaikum :)

good morning guys. first skali, i am very sorry tak update semalam. just because i'm too tired on yesterday's outing. sorry yeahh.
so, wednesday's morning started as mama send me and my sister to bus terminal *mama malas nak hntar smpai kuching. so we need to be independent in order to reach the cat's town. so, we have to take public transport. hadoiii --' still it has a silver lining, now i can take public transport, independent enough if nak pegi kuching all by myself. kann? so takpe laa. then, i reach kuching! finallyy! lama doh tak pegi kuching. hehe.
after that i take a walk to waterfront, before tu ada plaza merdeka. its actually a new mall yg baru je launch. so, kuching seems different than i thought before. lama sgt tinggal kat smnanjung makes me doesnt have much info on kuching.
the view in night

view wktu malam lagi lawaa. so, if nak view siang pnye, felt free to search by your own lahh yee. sampai je kat waterfront, i'm trying to reach for my cousins. and it take a long time baru dy smpai by his car. then, amek my mmber at his hotels and our first destination! THE SPRING!

okayy. kat sana, we have lunch and check for movie tickets. sambil2 tu seems like my cousin and my member can be a good friends. a very good indeed! haha. weh seriously taktau nak watch movie ape! so, they like me to decide what movie should we watch. why always me decide all things huh? 
so, after discussion *cewahh i decide to watch life of pi in 3D. tapi my cousin already watch that movie and he said that boleh tahan laa.  *maknanya tk best sgt laa tuu. but he decide to watch it again. for sake all of us. 3d lagi best kot kann? my mmber cakap MBO cinema in kuching lawa laa. wahh thanks for the compliment. saya sukaaa! (y) and the cinema's tckets is my treat today :) baek kan saya ? hee.

ni laa cter tuu.
mbo kuching
mcm anugerah skrin kann. actually this headed to cinema hall :)

mmg lawa pun. first time datang dulu i was mesmerised too. lawa wehh. then, we watch the movie. boleh tahan laa. byk surprise kott n i suggest u guys tengok laa. depends on people to judge the movie kann?
after went to the spring, we headed for wisma saberkas as my member tu nak survey fon. wisma saberkas is like low yat version kuching. haa da boleh bayangkann? there's lots of gadjets there!

smpai je kat wisma saberkas tu, my cousin parked at the highest level kott! byk kali pusing2 dlm tu makes me wanna throw up! peninggg --' tapi best sebab view kuching from there is the bestt laa. lawaa!
so, we take a stroll dalam tu. im survey for new phone too. taktao nak beli fon ape. rambang mata! >.< haha. lama gk ar kat ctue, my cousin lompat from kedai to kedai. cari new game laa konon. boyss always like that. sape2 yg bce entry ni. boys especially. npe ske sgt game ha? takphm! 
tak beli pape pun kat situ, buang mse jee. then decide nak pegi makann!! but im not eating still full laa makan kat the spring tadi. uhuu~ 
next destination : hopoh mall! 

actly mse kat wisma fzdin *my mmber dah cakap yg dy lapo. hadoii. i'm not the driver for today. so, kna cakap kat cousin aq tu ar. okay. pegi makan kat kfc hopoh. dyorg lapar kott!! haha. kcian glaa tgk.
im sharing with my sister. my sister tu perut tong! seriously, my cousin and fzdin just ordered snack plate tapi minah tuuu order dinner plate! and she finished it within timee! ohmayygoshhh. haha. sory ar dedek if u bace this entry. wnt to know what? tgh2 makan tu bleh lak blackout. haish! malu den. tak penah pegi shopping mall yg blackout. fzdin tros condemn. apa wehh? sekeh kangg! haish. then, done with lunch. g usha2 kat dalam mall tu. my cousin ajak fzdin naek tgkat atas. and again. searching for video games! im not bluffing tapi we spend a lot of time there. stuck kat sana kot! both of them sangat2 tengelam dalam dunia games. --' bored! lastly, sempat lak si fzdin tu beli game fifa amende tah. boys stuff. i never know.

so that day ended. after hopoh, we sent fzdin back to his hotel. yang nii! 

so, i hope u enjoy the dayy. there's nothing much i can do as you have explore the WHOLE  kuching. a big appreciation to my cousin : Muhammad Syafiq Rosli for taking us out today. i promise as i can drive. its my turn to take u around kuching with my very own car!
but sory, we didnt snap any pictures. saya lupaa --' sory ea!
ha. today my cousin back to his studyplace in mukah. HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY EA!
as for faizdin, he'll watch the hobbit today *first day release oh! jeles!

okay.okay.thanks for reading this entry. im sorry if its bored. feel free to drop your comments

bye2. assalamualaikum :)