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Way Out
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i will stay strong for you
Monday, 10 December 201201:21:00

assalamualaikumm :)

whaa. tonite is really make me down.

dear boyfriend, your girl ni takk pndai nak luah perasaan kat fb laa. im not good at it.
memang i am tired. but i'll stay strong for you. always nak jeles kann? i know u love me that much. tapii this is not the right way. maybe its your way. sedey laa mcm ni. btol!
msti pelik kann sebab apa im not so jealous if u with other girl. there's reasons, i always believe that u wont do anything that hurt me. i always think positive about you. why dont u do the same? tolong percayakan saya. i wont do anything that hurt you n your heart.
i'm really sorry. i kept asking forgiveness huh? i dont know what are you thinking now. but if u want to tell me anything im free to go.

k laa. yess i am tired. but i'll stay strong for you :)


let the quotes speaks :)

thx for reading this entry.