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friday morning!
Friday, 7 December 201212:13:00

assalamualaikum guyss :)

first of all, i want to make an apologise here. kelmarin i didnt publish anything kann? oh im so sorry :(
forgive meee!!!

okay. let's move on. starting my day with my parents talking about going somewhere for holiday. *excited oh! just somewhere in sarawak i guess. tade laa nak pegi smnanjung. that will cost too much! so, i pun bangun from my beauty sleep *cewahhh and interupt them. mybe we will be going to mukah. because my daddy's friend pun ade g sna gak. soo, my dad planning the same thing. i wonder ape yg ada kat mukah tu. fyi, i've tinggal kat sarawak ni for my whole life time tapii i tak penah explore pun sarawak nie. how pity kann? then my mom suddenly said, kakak ade driving class laa.
oppss jap.jap.
forgot to tell yaa. im going to start my driving lesson on this coming sunday! yeayyy! tak sbr nak dapat lesen oh! im going to travel a lot after i got my license! taksaba.taksabar!

ape lagi ehh? haa. congrats to all spm candidates yang dah abes spm smlm. happy joining the club ea! last subject for spm is engineering drawing. they've said that it's boleh tahan laa. tapi teknologi kejuruteraan pnye paper mcm shit! ops soryyy. susah laa mksd nyaa. hadehh --'

tu je kott. pape nnti i update laen yahhh. thanks for reading this entry :)

assalamualaikum ;)