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driving test!
Monday, 17 December 201202:51:00


i'm sorry sebab lmbt update. jari2 ku terase malas hendak bergerak *wee.ayat fancy glaa.lol.

so im straight forward ni. starting my day dengan very2 nervous kott. ye laa. i'm taking exam today as i'm sitting for my spm. takot kott. but i build up my confidence. i told myself that i can do this. yeah! the nite before, i have burn my midnite oil with my books and my boyfie. thx sygg. and i end up tdo pkol 3 or 4 something. haha. i'm practising my school habit. stdying in very last minute. SERIOSLY LAST MINUTE. before exam tu pun baru tahu some rules that i have never known before. haha. noob kann.
before tu, there's a girl yang try soalan contoh kat dlm satu pc ni. and she got 47 out of 50! it really makes me jealous and afraid at the same time. who knows that i got lower kann? and i revise.revise.revise until a lady called my name. mse tu, tkottt. macam tggu line nak check gigi *which i hate the most in the world. teeth checking! and after few process, i entered the computer room and answered each of the question carefully. mmg satu2 bce ah. i even ulang blek buat soalan tuu. unbelieveable gk kann. haha.
after 30 minutes mcm tu, i got my scores. guess what. 48 over 50!!
i just dont believe it. haa. puas hati kot. rasa mcm nak mnjerit excited lak. haha. seriously i felt great that time. 
thanks for those invove yahhh. love u guysss.

okay. my entry stop here as byk lagi post yang dalam otak and tak sempat nak publish *i wonder someday otak n pc kte bleh bluetooth. haha. senang idop.

k guys. need to stop here. will update soon.

assalamualaikum :)