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Way Out
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Wednesday, 26 December 201213:00:00

assalamualaikumm :)

wondering what its meaning?  well, keep reading this entry :)

its been a long time since im updating my blog kann? umm last thursday if im not mistaken. lama gak smpai my mr someone suro update blog. so, now im obeying his order *ayat kauu.lol.

tak tahu nak tulis ap actually. tapi last sunday im hanging out with my girlfriends. it's such a long time since i didnt meet them. i miss them much! we have chatting and bla bla. GOSSIP GIRLS! haha. then, we have movie watching. it's CZ12 which stands for Chinese Zodiac 12. its an interesting story because its an action packed movie. its my favourite kott! so guys, this movie is really ohsemmmm. seriously! thumbs up! i am promoting u this movie and i can guarantee that u will be satisfied enough after watching it. *taktao laa if some of you tak skee. its a choice kann? but why not try to watch it. best!
if u are interested enough, you can proceed to this site :) enjoy the view yahh.

so, there's few pictures. this site pun provide you lots of pictures. enjoy the view! 
thanks for reading this entry :)