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Way Out
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coffee prince
Monday, 17 December 201217:01:00


today's isnt going very well and i am not going to express it here!

but fatin nabihah always finds her very own way to cheer up her day. ohhoo. go for it girl! i really dont like to be in negative side. i always thinks positive. booyaaaahhh. haha. mengarott.

so, i'm done watching coffee prince tadi. i rate for that movie 5 over 5. seriously its very fascinating korean drama. i love it.  i think it's a story for those yang very afraid to fall in love. and you need to accept your partner no matter how they are. it reminds me of a quote which say >> If you cannot handle me at my worse, then you did not deserve me at my best.
i am veryy agreed with that. well, the hero afraid to love that girl at the first place. tapi lama2 tu, he realise that he loves the girl so much. i love the characters. they so well matching with each other. and the love story is very sweet and childish which makes me always senyum orang2 depan pc. hee. gilaa :D the couple going through thick and thin together and they handled the problems very well. uhh. jeless --' nevermind i bet this kind of love story dalam drama je kann? its hard to find it in reality. so, guyss i'm very very very love this story and i promote this to you.seriously best *thumbs up! this is COFFEE PRINCE!!

okay guys. assalamualaikum.