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Way Out
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magnificent march :)
Tuesday, 3 April 201217:21:00

assalamualaikum :)

hello guys. right now, i'm sneaking into kooperasi sekolah to have a date with Mr. Internet. ehee~
desperately want to 0n9 lahh.

last sunday, i just came back from FRSIS ! it's quite cool there. actually it's FRSIS stands for Fully Residential Schools International Symposium. this year, MOZAC is the host of this grand event. we went there for the whole week! *of course i'm missing the class. i want to congratulate mozac for such a goooood work. they've done superb thing! what's more exciting. i meet manyyy new friends from all over the world. it's great! really!
i've met the 4th prime minister : Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad! he's really my idol! he's giving his keynote address under the theme of this frsis : Global Culture Generates World Unity. i wrote down some notes. *but mostly, im just hear what he say. ehee~

1 thing for sure. I really miss this symposium very much! miss all the moments! k. gotto go! will update this post very soon! Insyallah :)