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flashback #1
Friday, 2 March 201215:58:00

assalamualaikum guys :)

okayyy... today's 2 march 2012. im updating my blog last early january. on 1st JANUARY! i think thats a looooongggg time for me to update my blog. soryy maa! i've been very busy in this first 2 months. so, no time for social. if u notice that my fb is not active sgt. the notification full of games only! hampehhh -.-''.

the 1st week i arrived at school, my fon kena rampas dengan warden! tension maa :(
actually i dont remember what happen because its already 2 month passed! hehe.
but! on chinese new year holiday, my family from kuching sarawak were visiting me in kedah :)) likee~ but the first 4 days, i went to kuala lumpur dulu. shopping.shopping. and having a good time with my family. and then, i must went back to smsah for 2 days*if im not  mistaken. need to go on with my school days. and the weekends, i went for overnite with my family *currently they're in kedah. a day after that,  we went to pulau langkawi for a day! *but takk puas lagii.  masa pendek je. huhu. its ok.its ok. shops for chocolates! yummy! 
jumpa pakwe2 langkawi. hahha :D just joking. what i realised is, there tooo mannnnyyyy MAT SALLEH! oh makkk kauu! haha. they were wearing their beach clothes! *understand me? so, kena la cover2 ckit mata tuh. haish -.-'' the last day i spend with my family was at ALOQ STAQ! haha. shops-a-lot and sight-seeing jea. in the evening da kena msok skool. huh! i hate this. i'll continue preparing my atlet for hari kejohanan sukan smsah :( babai family!

you guys can check these pictures in:

so that's all for flashback in january. will updating my second flashback soon! k guys. thx for reading!

assalamualikum guys! *kalau jawab sayang, kalau tak jawab dose. hehe.