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what a nite!
Friday, 16 December 201112:47:00

assalamualaikum sume *winkwink.hee.

last nite we got family gathering. as usual. takk rancang pon! last minute plan. my dad decide to have dinner kat luar tonite. so, dinner at kuching. otw there, suddenly my uncle call and say 'kat mne?'. so after chit chat, we're going to pick my two uncles to have a dinner together! hee~ *mcm2 ley jd last minute kann?

so, we're having a dinner at kubah ria.
*gmb amek kat google.ala2 arkitek gtue.hehe.

this place just beside the river. but at nite, u cant see the scenery. the sunset there mmg cantekk wa ckp lu! hee~ okayy. back to real story. i ordered fried chicken rice or nme melayu nye ~nasi goreng ayamm and a glass of teh c special  *at peninsular, they dont have this. so, while im at kuching, whenever i ate, i'll order this drink. mmg perghh rasa dy. its 3 layer drink. *tp xsure laa im somewhere kat peninsular ade bnde alah nie. hehe.

sori laa. tebalek cket. mls nk rotate. introducing u! teh c special! hee~

NGA! *aka nasi goreng ayamm :)

oh! frgot to tell ya. for the 1st time, i ate tik! hee~ the taste just like ayamm. but a little bit kenyal. actly, my uncle ordered nasi itik. so, im gonna try it! i said to him earlier. not bad laa. hey. ducks are low colestrol maa. so, i can eat as much as i want. enjoy it! try laa! sedap :)


my other uncle ordered sup ekor. da familiar kann. so,this is nasi itik. yummy!
haha. after makann, we're having a walking. just nak bg hadam betol2. i'm snapping some pic. here!

kubah ria. do come here!

uncle : pakman. hee~

with my daddy! *mls nak rotate.again.huhu.

then, went to waterfront. just take a short walk there and going homee :)

mls nk ltak caption.hee~ 
okayy. done. what a nite! hehe. so, soryy lmbt update. i was very tired last nite. and fall asleep. 
so im updating this todayy. hmm. i'll see u l8r?

assalamualaikum all *winkwink. hehe.