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Way Out
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today is hari ini
Thursday, 22 December 201121:30:00

just a minute ago, i already post this. now, im posting today activity.

actly, i got nothing to do pun today. but early in the morning, i got a study group with nur ku ain :) it a success jgak laa. sort of. huhu. then, study very hard as we're SPM CANDIDATES 2012!!

my coretan :)

diffrentation :)
then, it comes to an end. actually we have lots of sharing stories. *nice sentence for gossip-ing.hehe. we also enjoy doing our nail henna! *lpe lak nak snap pictures for ain's hands. nice! why? because im the one who decorate it. ngeh.ngeh. :)) abess!

in the evening, ada BBQ! a mini bbq laa. but its nice.the chicken's very very holiao! sedappp! 

i like chicken wings!

job done. huuu~ i really enjoy the chicken wing tao. sedapp.heyy. do your own bbq with your family. i bet it's fun and a good memory will be keep. 

okay.okay. see ya in the next post. *tomorrow i got an event to atttend. just wait for my next post k?
btw, congrats to all '96 for the best results in pmr.u've done ur best.just accept ur result. come on la! it's not the end of the world adek adek ku sekalian! hee~ agi idup agi ngelaban! *go0gle for the meaning!

nite everyone! assalamualaikum :) love fatinabihah.