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Way Out
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sunday delight :)
Monday, 19 December 201111:55:00

assalamualaikum all :)

sory for the late post. i dont have any mood to write :(
still i have to kann? well. this is it.

yesterday, my parents told us to siap2. we're going to somewhere today. where? it's secret. i kept asking on the way there. but my mom said, just wait and see. well~ its kinda surprising. *excited* we're heading towards kuching, and i still wondering where could my parents took us. the, drive here.drive there. and sampaii!
actually we're going to Damai Beach. *not for swimming. just take a walk there and enjoy the beach scenery. that place situated just below the Santubong Mountain

gooogle stuff *i didnt bring my camera. MOUNT SANTUBONG :)

we did enjoy ourselves. err.idk what to write anymore.

my sis : farisha naqibah & farhah najibah*one at the back

jibah *background: mount santubong
actly this is my fon's camera. sory for the not-so-good qualities. k guys. have to stop here. my mom already ask me to goreng the ayam *good at cooking :) ngee~ no lahh. biase2 jea. kbaii.

assalamualaikum :)