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Way Out
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read this after the last post
Tuesday, 20 December 201100:49:00

assalamualaikum :)

actly nak smbg yg last post tuh, tp mls plak nak update. so,i decide to post a new post..?? erkk? keling takk ayat. haha. okayy.

after we're done at damai beach, we're heading to india street located at centre of kuching *i guess. 

motif : my mom want to buy kain laa. for my sis school uniform

panas kot! its sunny and make me feel very uneasy. but its okayy lahh. no wory. i love window shopping. lepas sukat menyukat kain, we're done after mommy paid for the kain. *dad only in the car, he said that he will be pening if panas2 mcm nie. sokayy laa cmtue. then, window shopping. suddenly my 3rd sis, jibah, wanna buy nail henna aka inai. i was thinking, its been a long time since i wear inai. so, i got excited laa ckit because nak berinai jgak. ngee :D thts all for my sunday delight.

~today's monday.

this morning i used the nail henna.wanna see the result?

nice takk? ngee~ the corak above my fingers mcm guitar kann?
*i just love the pink watch. bli kat pdg besar :)
thts all laa for my monday. just i think another week just pass by. well~ time did flies kan?

======= ERROR ====== i hve to delete this paragraph. ngee. for some reason that i couldnt tell ya! sorry guys. who those yg lucky have read this. ermmm. shhh. hee~ 

haa~ jiwang siot aq! *diilhamkan oleh aq bkn tomboy.hehe. this thing happen just now, so terlintas nak tulis kat cnie. if you read this, do know my heart k? *sesape yg trase.

suda.suda. nite everyone. huarrrghhhh :O ngantuk sudaa. 

assalamualaikum :)