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Way Out
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Friday, 23 December 201117:18:00

assalamualaikum guys :)

sory for the late update. im very sory. i've been in my village for few days :( soryy again guys!

eager nak tao kann what the meaning of my title. keep reading. last friday, the recruits have their 'tamat latihan'.
P.G.A means Pasukan Gerakan Am. it's one of the branch in police. so, i went there. this is the first time the PGA make their events in the jungle *xla hutan sgt. they're didnt wear the blue-black police uniform. they  wear 'baju celoreng'. the green one. mcm askar ckit.
it wa great because they performed ala ala rambo cket. there's recque mission. kawad senjata and seni pertahankan diri. so cool!
rite now, i dont have much mood to write. and the picca! enjoyy :)

keep scrolling to below :)

my sis : farhah najibah with bombs and bullets :0

comel kann? hehe.


heli !

rescue-ing scene!

thirsty ):

my dad with his police gang.haha.

dengan ini. saya berjanji.

pakcik polis putih

our lunch for tht day. *mls nak msk.

thts all. very not-in-mood to write anything. kbaii~

assalamualaikum :)