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Way Out
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ombak rindu online :)
Thursday, 29 December 201115:11:00

assalamualaikum guys :)

the post title. ahaa~ its about ombak rindu *agak ketinggalan. do i care!? huh! for those yg dah watch this movie. u all can leave this page. *optional.hee~ but for those who didnt watch this movie yet or yg nak tgk for berkali2 tuh, hmm. i wanna share this link to u guys. its in youtube. full movie. NO PRANKS! seriously. u should click the link immediately because limited stuff always habes kann *i mean if the link broken oneday.
so guys. enjoyy the movie !

Love Waves :)

currently, im watching this movie. ratings : 4/5. not bad. nice storyy. klahh. sharing is caring kann? okayy lah. wanna continue watching this movie. dhaa~