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Way Out
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Sunday, 11 December 201123:22:00

its been a while since my last post.
sory. i dont have any mood in blogging those times. rather choose to sit infront of my lappy and watching videos while facebook-ing, utube-ing, n skype-ing. hee~ sory yea! so, right now im on a good mood to write.
free from school about 3 weeks ago? so, now im in kuching. lovee~ miss my hometown ouh.

after i done my finals, i've been really busy managing my school. the next week, i got gathering of young minds which takes place in penang. there are 5 of us. 4 boys and a girl : fatinabihah. dare kann? haha. really enjoy it because i met my old friend from science kuching. name : atiqah. she used to be in sms hulu selangor. but she moved to sms kch. i dont know why. then, i met manyy new friends. they were very friendly and love to talk. hehe. guys hot too maa! haha. joke.joke. i make friends with boys and girls. this things happened in st. georges girl school(sggs). the pupils in this school awesome! they can be a good friend. hee. so, i snap some pic. u can find those pic in this link. njoyy ;)

Gathering Of Young Minds

the next week, i got some lawatan with my beloved valour! hehe. we went to perlis. hey! we also went to bukit besar. the goodies there can be tawar.tawar and i realise that i'm talented in those things! haha. fyi, i tawar a 38 dress into 25! ngee~ and rm20 watch to rm16. bgos kann? hmm. and what i can say is, this trip quite a success. everybody enjoy themselves. and we have a great time! miss this time. here's another link :

Valour <3

after that, spend 3 days 2 nites at yayasan sarawak's hostel in kuale lumpur and my flight to kuching is on 21st nov. *cant wait until that date.hehe.
day 1 in kl was quite fun! we went to many places. shops. and manyy more.
2nd day, went to sepang. najihah's place. what an exhausting day *i went there with my sis. transport : klia transit. 1st time naek ouh!
3rd day : boringg! went to times square. sungei wang. pavilion only. nothing much to be seen. and im going back to yysn from my outing quite early that day. huhu.

pavilion giant cake!

huu~ so, already 3 weeks in home. another 2 weeks is waiting to be waste by me. really enjoy my time here. thanks. already forgot my pain. *i hope. now, concentrate to study. next year spm maa! focus fatin nabihah!
i want to start a new life after spm. i wish that i can forget all the bad memories about high school.
heyy! im easy to stand up from any negative things that happened to me. happy me! no wory :)
i dont want to leave kuching. dear time, dont fly to fast haa? plis! many good things wait for me here. 
and dear spm, dont be too harsh on fatinabihah ok? be nice. hee~
fall in love again? hmm. yes? no? perhaps? maybe? haha. i prefer perhaps. so, love. just come. i will treat u well. no wory. :)



bye! nite! <3