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new year eve : confession :
Saturday, 31 December 201102:27:00

assalamualaikum korang :)

since today is the last day of 2011. its not less than 24 hours to 2012. i think i should post something kn? but i dont know what to write. hmmm. this is i wanna say and all my confession *dare kn? since ramai org tulis psl ni. nak ikot jgak lahh! ahakss *mengade tol minah nie.


#1.  im not gonna miss this year sgt. because i dont have many positive memories *except for the end year holiday. i prefer 2010 more.

#2.  2011 : my year of nakal. xpegi prep. i skipped too much class *i got reason k?! sometimes, i doesnt go to mosque for maghrib :P

#3.  my leadership potential grew stronger.

#4.  as for that, alhamdulillah~ i've been chosen to be pengawas sekolah : MAPPES : Majlis Pelajar Pentadbir Sekolah.

#5.  i got my present for pmr : lappy jenama asus :) *heee.seronok.

#6.  ha! sometimes i skipped perhimpunan *by the end of year.

#7.  my birthday present from him <3 love it!

#8.  raya with my family in this year is the AWESOME!

#9.  broke up :( by 30 april 2011

#10.  valour generation 0812 gets stronger together :) *byk occasion yg di handle by valour.

#11.  my job as setiausaha in camp pjk makes me gilaa!! :D *1st time jd s/u.

after few minutes staring my lappy.ehee~ *cari idea.

#12.  the year my blog was 'born'.

#13.  have been a bad girl :( *i've changed now.

#14.  i cheat on end year exam. *ckit.ckit. sory cikgu! :(

thats all for now. i'll update the list later. *before the clock struck 12.00 am in 1st january 2012

                                    **  few confession to be made  **

start jiwang *duhh -.-''

-->  dear zac efron : i heart you :)
-->  i've lost the ring BUT i'll try to find it later! *muka bersungguh-sungguh
-->  sory for ter calling thing. seriously takk sengaja!
-->  i wanna text u like before.
-->  miss the old time : 2010 : you!

 tonite : my another cousin just arrived from johor. her daughter and husband is staying with us tonite. esk, blek kpg kjap. visiting my grandparents before i board the aircraft on 1st january :'( tsk.tsk.tsk.

kinda late skrg.ngantok da start menyerang! sory for the long essay. ehee~ practise for spm :) thx for reading my post this time. mcm membebel plak.



k guys. thts all for now. Happy New Year Bloggers !

I'm just kidding! ehehe :P

i'll post my 2012 wish on the next histoire à raconter :)
salam :) good nite.