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Way Out
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late nite story
Thursday, 15 December 201101:04:00

assalamualaikum :) *winkwink

wanna hear midnite story? hee~
actly tade pape pon. just wanna say about my day today.

i woke up and abah suddenly say. today we'll go somewhere utk mandi! quite surprise laa. but best. at first place, we decided to go to pool. but, otw there. we changed our mind. haha. sng kann? so, waterfall! at serian. that place quite nice laa. besides i love nature maa. the water is quite cool which makes me grrrr. hee~
*this was taken in google :) just for example.ehee.


im trying to upload the pictures here. but >>>####<<< errrorr!
soryy. nxt time k?

then, going back to home. reach home about 2 pm. and im asleep because there's too much energy used at the waterfall. hee.

duhh ==' my eyes getting smaller and smaller rite now. huarghhh :O sleepy plus the penat x hlang lagi. huhu.


p/s : while im on utube, i found this vdeo.
wanna share it here *guys! take note :)
no 8 is so0o true!

nite. assalamualaikum :)