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bugis's :)
Friday, 16 December 201120:11:00

assalamualaikum :) *winkwink

just now, my mom showed me about an article in berita harian. at ruangan rencana.
its about bugis and its tradition. why im telling u this? hehe
its because im a bugis in daeng's race. msti blur kann?
haha. okayy. sory for the 'blur' thing. after read the articles, my mind keep thinking about my background. actly im a bangsawan bugis. *cool huh? my mom have told me before. she said that our nenek moyang dlu was a high-class bugis. 3rd highest from the king *if i wasnt mistake. the article quite cool.
guys, do buy berita harian for today and tomorrow ea! improve ur general knowledge by reading this articles.
so this is the pic.*psst.i download from fb :)

the articles :)

 read a lots :)
guys, what for sure.i want a wedding like this. so, take note for my husband-to-be. hee~ i want a buginese style of wedding. sure it gonna be unique. i've seen a bugis wedding before. its interesting. okayy lahh.
thts all for now.

assalamualaikum :) *winkwink.huhu.