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Way Out
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bored :(
Tuesday, 13 December 201116:05:00

hello.hi.what's up yo!?
so this is what im doing if im boring.
blogging. merepek sana.sini. i wish that i have a daily activity that can be done. except for. STUDY. hee. its not like i hate study guys but please understand that i need something that will make me relax. i admit that this is the time for me to boost up my energy pack and GO STUDY FOR SPM! haha. kind of like that these days. but, i need a time from everything. huuuhh~ penat belajar. why cant i just get a nice work with a lots of gaji without any penat lelah like this. hell no u cant nabihah! *talking to myself. perhaps i just need to learn to be patience.

so, this morning just received a message from an unknown no said 'is this biha?' then i replied yes? can i help u? well dhaa! who is he? after a soal jawab, he's a friend of mine. he just guessing whether is this my number or not. so, we have a conversation. and bla.bla.bla *no point. hehe. but he did told me that he has a new girl? what a surprise maa! i known this guy for his casanova style. but it didnt work for me! haha. NEVER MISTER! and i hope that girl this time can turned a new leaf for him. 

im waiting for a text. really! duhh  ==' its really penat nak tggu org nie. at some point, i just turned off my sim and pretend as usual. just for my own satisfication. huu~ then a few hours later, on my simcard. and 
de! it really pissed me off dude. then, i just search something else to do. just like right now, im blogging. tell how much im upset. 
haha. true!
is this my situation?

heyy. i wanna share this. it really make me un -bored today. this woman is awesome. i just adore the way she talks, her sportingness, her style, her carier : engineer *cool huh?, and everything. and the most important. she really care about her aurat :) LOVEE~

 this is her vdeo *one of them : PMS :)
and ouh. not to forget. her blog : Maria Elena 
*her boyfie is really sporting :) wish i could have one like that :(

so, enjoyy the view! thats for now, assalamualaikum.