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Way Out
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Wednesday, 28 December 201118:18:00

assalamualaikum *kalo jwb syg, kalo xjwb dosa.hik3*

guys. what a bored day today. nothing to do. i cleaned up my room a few hours ago. end up with sleep after that *ptut la gemok! -.-' haha. its okayy what?! chubby's cute kann? ngee~


what else..?? ha! i've started packing for my school todayy :'( uhuu~ my flight on 1st january 2012. i'm not ready for the school thing. spm? ahaha :D i'll tryy. my 'pack stuff' was readyy about 40% i guess? mls nk msok skola. i'll be busy for 3 months : january.february.march. why? its Sport day maa. i'll get sunburn :O oh no0! itam lahh saya. ohammmjayyy! tp slim maa. ehee~
then, i got exam for awal tahun :) wish me luck then. momma did say that she wants to see a better results from my end year in 2011. InsyaAllah. i'll make some improvements. i want EVERYTHING to be easy in year 2012. my final year in school. heyy! my life as teenagers is almost over. pple do say that in our life : teenagers is the most delightful time. its true.
in teenagers life, we have to find our own identity. in a meantime,finding love experiences those couples and break off. *i got several myself.ngee~ have been a bad girl. sometimes. ehee. plus : the most important thing. EDUCATION :0 who0o! i cant believe that im talking about this. but its btol kann? its very important for people to respect us. example: people see that boarding school students have a brighter future *sory for not-boarding-school-student. tapi i think that all student is same lahh.just the way of teaching yg laen. after that, it depends on our usaha for our own future. *ceramah plak. done. full-stop.

today: kemas bilik.tidur.packing. thats all. im counting days to go to school. huhu. i will miss kuching. i'll be back in raya 2012. such a loo0onnggg time. time flies too much! hey time. stop flying lahh :P haha ridiculous mann. i really love my time in kuching especially this end year. last year, i prefer to go back to school as fast as i could. why? someone is waiting for me there. ahaa~ manyy maa :) *dont think im that evil k? im not! NO.NO.NO.  saya baik :D lol

----------- NOW ------- CURRENTLY------- SEKARANG----- SPEECHLESS -----

someone plis text me! call me! skype me! chat me ! im very bored :(  i'll reply as soon as possible. btol! *desperate glaa.ahaha :D


 k lahh. idk wht to write anymore. wht i do is membebel je. ahaha. thts me when im bored. *biasakan diri anda :) kbaiii~

assalamualaikum :) love ya!