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best wishes of 2012
Saturday, 31 December 201109:25:00

assalamualaikum and good morning guys :)

as for today : 31 december 2011. last day in 2012! omg. it's been a year. sekejap je. i bet 2012 will be a short moments without we realised it. time flies kann? and i will reaching my 17 teenagers life. makin hari makin tua :(  uhukk~ my senior time! weeeee~ *gaya angry bird. hehe. senior year mcm hsm3 tuh.

now i wanna make a list of my best wishes in 2012~


  • SPM 2012 : i want to focus.i want to start serious on my study. i want to get 9A for my trials and 9A+ for my spm results. i want all my exam have improvement. i want my marks get higher and higher each exam.
  • start liking and adore-ing History like i adore addmath :)
  • JUARA : my sport house become CHAMPION again this year. 
  • manage school better than 2011. 
  • become the BEST leader in SM Sultan Abdul Halim :)
  • i want to travel more after i have my spm *soalan paling mudah.hehe.
  • A DRIVE-LICENSE! *i want it desperately.i want to drive too!
  • spend less money a.k.a berjimat cermat.
  • i want YOU back mister!! *if i can balance it with my my study.
  • learned to cook more!
tu dlu kot. nnti update laen.

nak balik kpg nie. k guys. assalamualaikum :) *winkwink.