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Way Out
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it's OVER!
Tuesday, 1 November 201116:38:00

finally! its already over. my finalss!
its time to relaxx~ haha. love.love! i hope i get my results soon because i dont want any dup dap dup dap on getting my results one by one. my last subject was biology. what i can said is. its quite tough. yeah! i admit it very much. my friends keeps telling me that it was hard. but its already past. dont talk about it okayy? now its time to rlax.enjoy.stress-out!

heyy!wanna share one thing. i had my bad luck on a night before biology exam. my phone kantoi with warden. in that time, i explained biology's stuff to my friends as im holding on my phone. suddenly, wardens open up the door and told me to passed up my phone to her. its quite gabra that time! huu~ luckily i switch off my fon before handled it to her! what for sure is. I MISS MY PHONEE! haiyoo. what a mess. exam over, no phone! gosh. im glad i still have my lappy with me. *hope that this lappy wouldnt kantoi with warden too. amiiin!
gotta go right now. manyy works to do after exams! out~