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Way Out
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Saturday, 8 October 201112:42:00

this night all ajk of mahawangsa stayed up late at makmal epu. we all do our best towards this.yea.i admit.this is a bit exhausting.it shows how comited we are.but there's a thing.it hurted my heart.ckgu is doubting my work.he's comparing me with others.i dont like tht.really! theres another teacher who i always collaborated with.he's nicer than this teacher.it's not like i want to talk bad.just! i dont like this. what the hell he's comparing me.he shouldnt do that.its my way of work.the other teacher.im doing fine with him.because he didnt gve me any pressure while im doing my homework.he just alright.just i hate people who critics my work continuously with extra spicy comments. gosh! hate people like that. since that.i am silencing myself.its is the best thing to let people know that they do you wrong.i just answer him when needed.i didnt talk at all.my heart hurts! i dont like being angry and have grudge at people.but i have to this time. sorry~