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Way Out
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perak timee~
Thursday, 27 October 201101:07:00

its deepavali's holiday for 4 days. im going back to kuala kangsar perak. hope tht i've a good time here :)there's 3 of us going back to norli's house. its madihah.najihah.nabihah. almost same name kann? hee~
today we went to THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN! skaa~ <3

entrance :)

love this. hee~ we have a great time there. hope its enough to release all my tensions. but tht place was quite nice.fun! i'm forgetting about all my biology and chemistry. yeah! we got lots of fun there. ive tried the jacuzzi! 43 celcius of hot water! just imagine it.people do say that hotspring is good for ur skin! so must try it. im in that hotwater for 15 min. i didnt believe that i can immerse myself for 15 min! hee~
me and madi bumped into german's couple. they were right infront us when we took a walk at there. the way of speaking makes us know that they're jermanies. i want to say hello. bur nothg came from my mouth. huu~ disnt hve any chance at all. its okayy lahh. try again nxt time okie?! they got slides too! adventureous. lovee ! got a new thing in tambun. the got tin valley. we learn how to mendulang when it was in oldtime. people get tins, gold. etc from this thing lahh.
the fees quite mencekik darah :( lets ignore about that. just imagine that the mineral water cost rm3. standard price in airport. heyy! this is theme park lahh. not airport. ish3. hmm. its okayy as the water-playing thing is the best of all~ we arrive there at the morning and going back at the evening~ so im very very satisfied in tambun's waterpark! we have much time there.
what a nice dayy! love it~ i think im gonna make it end here as tomorrow i hve a trip to IPOH! yuhoooo! will tell u more later. bye all~