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Way Out
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my finalss~
Wednesday, 26 October 201102:16:00

okay.done with ayahanda's retirement.i've been going through the 1st week of exam in a success. *except for my history subject.wont deny it.haha.

now, done with addmath and  physics on the second week. its quite having a good time with addmath. but the fate have change its way of working towards my physics paper. GOSH! it reallly sucks! my do people create physics? no need lahh.

actly we got 3 weeks for the finals. what a TIME! next week we will have biology and chemist paper. do wish me luck ea! i just cant wait to get my resultss. *eventhough how bad it can be. :(  one thing for sure. i want my results! need to study by the end of this year. how can i manage to study? its end of year. my minds stuck with word like : FUN.NO STUDY.MOVIES.ONLINE.SHOPPING. but no books? hee~ gotto clear all those things and refill my minds with : 9 SPM SUBJECTS. A+ SPM. BOOKS.READ.CALCULATE.

formating data in nabihah's brain. &*^%$##% -ERROR- hee~