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ipohh was great!
Friday, 28 October 201116:36:00

yesterday we got into ipoh. the city of perak. had a very great time there! love.love. norli's sister gives us a ride to ipoh from kuala. thx kakak! hee~ its quite a journey to ipoh. an hour feels like a day! i 'm asleep. maybe tired because tambun's things. we went to jusco. and do some window shopping.wanna buy those things but no fulus sgt lahh. what i planned for today is buy somethings for kak awatif. she's our sister in school.so any suggestions? we go for movies too. its In Time mvie. quite interesting. justin timberlake in action with amanda seyfried. she's HOT! haha. but guys im promoting u the movie. seriously damn BEST! its abou people consider time as money. i dont this things happen in the future. for God sake. NEVER! i hope it will never happen. this is the movie..

then, we enjoy bowling. jb did come with us. accompanied by his cousin.afiq. they are alike. for 1st time i meet them, i thought that afiq was his bro.but i was wrong. whtvr lahh. for bowling. hmm. im not very good in it. but bley laa. 1st ranking is jb. then, my nenek, najihah aka jb's girl! haha. then, norli as my mom, me, madi and last but not least afiq! hee~ nafis joined us too. he's not in school for 3 weeks *i think. because he's going for rugby in australia. but it was cancelled. pity him, what the best thing is he's not into the finals! sronok glaa~ so no need to struggle. just enjoy himself at ipoh. jealous~ huh! so. bla bla here. bla bla there. done. we're going back at 6. but we went to norli's sister's house. take a rest there and her sister sends us to bus station where we're going to take a bus to kuala! gosh! xpenah lagii. but its experience. xpe lahh. there's lots of strangers in that bus. tkott~ at 9 pm something we reach kuala. her parents are waiting. we went for late dinner and back home. i took some time to study. 1 chapter of chemist done and im sleeping! okayyy people. will write later~ chaw.