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Way Out
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bm class is soo0o fun!
Sunday, 2 October 201115:38:00

it's 3 pm in the evening. i'm in bm class rite now. wondering how can i'm updating my blog right now?
ha! a simple answer. 4 science 2 is having bm class at makmal bestari! mr aizal said. just do what u want. but! no noise! ok ckgu! u're the best! hee~ so, done with fb. now im blogging! hehe. just! enjoy ur life.


one thing to say.EYE stands for End Year Exam is just around the corner! wht im suppose to do! glaa. there's manyy thing to do.revision here.revision there.huhu.plus, the READING subject.i just can't handle it right now! haha~ now im missing my home very much. kuching~


seriously! i cant wait for the exam to end up. and live happily ever after! wait a sec.
u still got your spm to defeat nabihah!! dont forget that. but. in an exam. can i google all the answers so that, i get 100% right? 


so, gonna make it end here. gonna update this stuff if my time didnt kidnap me again. hee~