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Way Out
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Thursday, 6 October 201101:05:00

hello againn. updating this stuff right now. its 12.54 am. i should be in my bed is suppose.but no wori lahh.im fine.just esk got class with madam raw.actly stands for rabitah abdul wahab.she's cool teacher! i love herr.hee~ there's story telling tomorrow.its about old story of malaysian people.like bwg merah bwg putih and others.my group choose to do 7 princesses. its kinda sweet and interesting story.but not sure lagi lahh.but i bet! tomorrow gonna be so0o fun! yes. confirm! right now, im working hard on my skool magazine.name: MAHAWANGSA. its just like hikayat merong right? there's connection. thts story is all about kedah's history.since my skool at kedah.it's related. so.no need to be confuse oke? im in photography bureau.because im good at photo's thing.haha. is that for real? yeah! for sure its real thing. im good laa. no compromi.hee~ right now.i wish that all this work vanished! forever. so, there's no need to pening2 kpala thinking about this stuff.there's lots lots lots more to be done.and im not done with it! huh! my time now not just kidnap me. but its killing me! haiyoo. =.=' how to manage huh? do give me some tips! hee~
gonna stop here. my eyes getting sleepy. out~