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Way Out
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Friday, 16 September 201102:57:00

as for today, jenan got visitors from other school. its faris petra. kelantann :) so, we are going to manage the programss. 

 they reach school at 5 pm. snap a pic with them. heyy. im the camerawomann.hee~

after that. a simple briefing from madam azlina. a nice clear one. at nitee.we got perasmian imam muda at mosque.a good program which leads to islamic leadership. theres 5 imam muda-will-be. it's judge by f5 students. only certain of themm. 

done at mosque. all mppes and bpp (skola faris petra's) go to balai muazzan aka conference room. there will be an important things happen there. haha. actly, we,all the mappes are going to do a presentation about our school mappes organisation and all those bureau. all the bureau's head were doing their job well. 
mappes are lending their earss. good job!

bpp's faris petra

donee at muazzam's place. we're going to dm.having our supper. haha.tasnimm takk makann. 1ST TIME WOO! xcaya sayaa. ngee~ balekk dormm.

okayy. theres nothg much i can tell u. gotto goo. *kinda sleepy right now. nite pple!