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Way Out
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study and work
Tuesday, 6 September 201101:24:00

so im stuck here again. in my school. rite now im online gne wifi skolaa :) likee. haha. sje nak check fb. then, im doing my hw actly wif tasnim and amiraa at bilik study. then, i gotto prepare my stuff for school tomorrow. finish with all that. then, onlinee. urghh. theres many things to do this weekend.

independence week just around the corner. hmm. fatinabihah as ajk persembahan. only work that night. but preparing the perfomances is a very tough things to do. nak kna tgk okayy ke x. hmm. this and that. leceh lorr. so, im working with haziq. theres few perform things that we have discuss. gempakk jugak laa. other bureau looking good as usual. hmm. working. heyy! i should get my salary for organising this things! haha. mcm bley jerr. 

just now, in the evening. f4 got class with mr piee. he's our pj teacher. he's good worker. but working with him. hmmm. NO! it's really really hard laa. unfortunately. me. working with him. as setiausaha kem pj which he's organise himself. for sure by our help. valourr! 2 weeks to go for camp. or we didnt go at all. hmm. struggling. more works to do. im going crzy laa. =,='' hve to draft a letter for pengetua. seek for his permission for this camp. what else im gonna do? haiyoo. 

i just arrive from home. and theres lots works waiting for me here.at jenan corporated companyy. this and that. huhu. hmm. its already late. gonna have enough sleep for school tomorrow. bye. ~out