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Way Out
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no class to attend.
Wednesday, 28 September 201107:53:00

today's wednesday. it's early in the morning. and i got no class to be attend! what a heaven.! hee~
it's bhasa asing for the 1st double period. herr amnoi is not around. he got smethg to do outside the school. hmm. let him be. ape yg pnting kta gmbiraa :D yeayy.

heyy. i promise to post about my german test. am i rite? sory ouh! my time always kidnapped me. for real! 
okayy. rite now, im here to fulfill my promisee. readyy? get set ! GO!

last week was a creepy week for german's student. why? we got A GERMAN'S EXAM! all words inside that test paper was in germann! gosh. but ive my self prepared for this thng though. but theres still a dragon flying in my stomach! haha. i was very very very nervous mannn!
thank god i succeed in answering all the questions. want to know what? sume soalan bocor doe! no wayy! means that, that ques paper. we've done it few days ago! its SIMILAR! herr wat muka xbesalah bleyy. haiyoo. but its okayy. at least we've knew several answers. 
there's ujian pendengaran too. gesamte Text wurde in Deutsch zu sprechen
adohh. how to understand the whole text? ish3. hmm. we do understand bit. we're not experters. for suree! but congrats for all german's student! u've done your bestt! bgosss! hmm. gonna make it stop here. byee!

the hall which used by the german's

german's girls!

anwar and asrul


haha. irshad pelikk!