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Way Out
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Saturday, 17 September 201101:24:00

faris petra's pple went back to their school this morning. for me. they were kinda coolll.:) or something like that. but i cant get none of them for their emails or fb. their bpp's are quite oke. but mappes is better.

okayy. for now. im blogging. doing nothing. here's some things to tell.
  • got a bunch of choral speaking kids to be train
  • im not done working with my hmeworkSSS.
  • im boring
  • i dont want anyone especially boys in jenan KNEW bout my blogs!
  • i really care for that person but i do nothing. im sorry.
be-you-tiful ♥
there's nothing much to say. so, im gonna make it end here. just now im done watching CINDERELLA STEPSISTER! it was AWESOMEEE :) LOL.

i lovve themmm :)

okay.okay. lets end it here. have my sleepy eyes here. huarghhh :0 .bye pple~ out! niteee :)