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Way Out
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every story has the start
Saturday, 3 September 201123:43:00

this is my first post. so gonna make used it properly. hee~ hmm. actly i've create blogger account a week ago. but didnt hve time to post. sorry for tht. 

im busy preparing things for rayaa. and passports. urghh. all those thgs make me peningg =.='
so. here i am. here. writing. yea. im free now. im done packing all my stuff for my flights tomorrow. kuching bound to kl. kl bound to alor star. 2 flights! it must be exhausted. but nseb baek xpuase. hee~ gonna have an enough calming rest after this. 

today's storyy. hmm. in the morning, im going back home from my kampong. then, mom and dad told me to pack all my things so it would be easier for me not to rushing2 mlm nnti. onlinee. pple going back to school today. im not! hehe. my turn tomorrow. i take my parents advice. all thgs packed! but few stuff lagi laa. it doesnt matter. then, we are going to beraya at kuching in the evening. went to cik ami's house and kak enak's house. reach home at 9. 

im in a boarding school. so, its hard to get a net cnnection to open this page. but ill try my best. promise! this blog gonna be useful when im getting bored. and need to write on smethg. so ill find u! hee~ i think it maybe works a lot after i spm. there are plenty of time that i can waste doing smethg like surfing and blogging. am i rite? hee~

k.k. gotto go rite now. my eyee on its way to shut. sleepyy~ doakan my flight tomorrow. :) out~