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Way Out
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Like A Fool
Tuesday, 19 September 201716:32:00

Thursday, 27 October 201610:59:00

"when did you know it's over"

"when someone stops trying--Or worse, when trying no longer works"

The memories might be better rn
Friday, 9 September 201604:02:00

U are my 3 am thoughts

"It is easy to love someone when they're happy. What is hard is loving someone in their worst condition, in their worst emotions. Then we know who are willing to stay to fight for us. And who are prefers to attacks us with all his might."

Everything came crushing down at once.
And she has no one to share her stories.

3:56 am and mind still wanders


it was just like a movie
Sunday, 6 March 201623:32:00

Burning Red
Saturday, 13 February 201600:47:00

Thursday, 11 February 201620:53:00

Good night
Tuesday, 22 December 201502:16:00

That kind of night when you missed him so much that you end up scrolling pictures of him and smile unknowingly :')

Wednesday, 11 November 201510:07:00

Even i am busy as hell, i took my time to wish u good night

Some people just dont see the effort

 They just easily, perfectly pointing their fingers to others without understanding,  without knowing the real situation and without considering the others

They just know how to put blame on others

That is the human norms 

Even they themselves sometimes did not do what they want others to do

Sometimes, u did not wish me at all during night

And i did not say a thing

I DID NOT say a thing

This is the world after all

Give and take to live harmony and happily

 Thank you :)

Let me show you how proud I am to be yours
Monday, 17 August 201509:17:00

Wednesday, 8 July 201522:15:00

Nak keje cari duit tak salah
tapi tolong appreciate orang yang datang dari jauh nak jumpa kau
orang tu bukan orang sebelah negeri
tak jadi harini, hari lain boleh
tapi orang dari lain tanah tu. Obersea kauu.
If someone sanggup untuk travel jauh, habes duit untuk pegi jumpa kau
paling tak pun, kau spend 5 minit dengan dia pun xpa bro
kalau orang betol2 sayang ni mmg akan cari masa celah mana pun asal bleh jumpa
hal urgent lah sgt
kot la family matter, tak kesa
hal kecemasan lain mcm kematian ke *contoh okay*, tak kesa la jgak
lelakii. Biasalaaa~
Long distance ni kalau sorg ja bagi comitment payah gak
mau pengsan tahan sorg2
kau rasa kau sorg betol?
u speak sarcasm too much
and it very effective to hurt that person
well kau tau kau sapa
balek tenguk cermin
bukan kau sorg yg betol
try terima ckp org lain
Nasihat k nasihat
Please #brocuba okay?

Try make it up for her
she loves u dearly


bad blood
Wednesday, 3 June 201509:55:00

auch. that's harsh. 

be a badblood in progress

Saturday, 21 March 201523:41:00

an Aries
Wednesday, 18 February 201513:04:00

well this explains everything

Saturday, 6 December 201418:37:00

Allah knows how much I miss science major :(


him :)
Monday, 3 November 201419:48:00


akmal affendi amran.
my triple A. my precious cargo. my abam sado. teehee~

countless of words to describe him. but he's just PERFECT for me.
thousands of miles separate us but still he is in my heart. 
couple of months didn't see him. but it felt just yesterday just met him.

i am missing him too much these months. long-distance relationship really test us.
how i wish i can meet him right now.
rinduuuu ;'(

i really thankful for having him besides me as i know that he's veryyy loyal person.
so i've met my soulmate. teehee~
who really take so much effort to understand his girl
who really took care after his girl
who really loyal to his girl
who really makes me a happy girl
who treat his girl as queen
who advice his girl firmly if she makes something wrong *takot jgak mse ni* ;/
who makes his family is his priority *awwww!
who is mine!

forever and always sweetheart :)


Monday, 21 July 201405:08:00

those names after mine